The Wonders (and Science) of Coconut Oil

Hilary’s is a huge advocate of the benefits of coconut oil.  Although, to the untrained eye, coconut oil’s high saturated fat content may give the health conscious food lovers out there reason to pause, a closer look reveals otherwise.
Of all the commonly used cooking oils, coconut oil is among the highest in lauric acid.  
Lauric acid is a little known medium chain fatty acid found naturally at high concentrations in coconut oil and breast milk.  Studies have shown that lauric acid may be responsible for increasing the rate of oxidation or “burning” of body fat.  In fact, this particular study shows that as body weight decreases, the amount of fat burned from ingesting lauric acid actually may increase. 
Aside from helping burn body fat, several scientists have also determined that lauric acid and the compound monolaurin (the result of the body converting lauric acid) have certain anti-microbial qualities that may assist in fighting acne, the staphylococcus bacteria, and may assist in fighting E. coli and other bacteria.
Although these studies reveal significant benefits of coconut oil, they all miss one important fact that Hilary’s Eat Well has known for years:  coconut oil helps make food delicious!  And Hilary’s products use coconut oil for these two obvious reasons…it’s good and good for you.
contributed by Adam Michaelson