Eating Well Made Easy.

We have pretty high standards. That’s why every product we create has to have clean ingredients, and be free from common allergens, and above all, they have to be super yummy. We think you can have it all – convenient food that isn’t full of unrecognizable, highly-processed ingredients. It’s a pretty innovative idea.
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World's Best
Veggie Burger

When Hilary created this recipe, she wanted it to taste great and be free of all common food allergens and artificial ingredients. Customers at her restaurant, Local Burger, named it the “World’s …

Veggie Burger

Turnip the beets! This deliciously crunchy millet-based veggie burger is filled with organic root vegetables and a kick of mustard. On a bun, as a side dish, on top of a salad …

Spicy Thai
Veggie Burger

This comforting veggie burger combines sweet potato, mango, and exotic spices to bring you lots of Thai flavor. Savory herbs come through in every bite, finishing with a touch of jalapeño heat. …

Veggie Burger

With tender lentils, golden curry, and forbidden rice, this veggie burger will warm your body and soul. Sweet potato and green peas bring bright colors and flavors, while bursts of ginger add …

Veggie Burger

This tangy patty packs a nutritional punch. We’ve partnered with Wildbrine Kimchi to bring you a veggie burger filled with deliciously fermented veggies. If you love kimchi—or are exited to give it …

Veggie Bites

From freezer to table in minutes, these versatile veggie bites are great for busy lives. Use them as a tasty appetizer, as an addition to salads and casseroles, or as a great …

Veggie Bites

Enjoy all your favorite Mediterranean dishes in one petite package! Fragrant herbs compliment tender garbanzo beans, and lemon juice adds brightness. Let these perfectly composed mini-meals transport you to your very own …

Spicy Mesquite
Veggie Bites

Whether your game night involves football or limbo, these veggie bites will add a kick. Their sweet, smoky taste pleases barbecue aficionados, while the carrots and beets folded inside satisfy healthy eaters. …

Apple Maple
Veggie Sausage

Your gluten-free flapjacks have a new BFF! Our Apple Maple Veggie Sausage satisfies all your breakfast cravings with its savory sweetness. This petite patty is infused with cinnamon, nutmeg, and maple syrup …

Veggie Sausage

Our spicy sausage combines classic herbs and spices with wholesome ingredients like millet, lentils, and dates. Whether you’re looking for a convenient side dish or the star of your breakfast sandwich, break …

Ranch Chia

This beyond-dairy-free dressing is packed with omega-3s and is sure to satisfy. Our beloved Ranch Chia offers the comforting taste of your favorite ranch, while flaunting an all-star list of clean, real …


Ask anyone who ate at Hilary’s restaurant, and you’ll be assured that our allergen free Remoulade is a fan favorite! It’s great on salads, spread on sandwiches (or veggie burgers!), or used …

Apple Fennel

Tart, tangy, and oh so tasty! Our Apple Fennel Dressing is made with thoughtfully sourced ingredients including organic apple cider vinegar and health-supportive organic dandelion root powder. You’ll love fixin’ and mixin’ …

Balsamic Thyme

Who doesn’t love the classic flavor of balsamic dressing? Well, even if you don’t think balsamic is your thing, we challenge you to give ours a try! You’ll love our non-GMO balsamic …

Beet Vinaigrette

Beets, meet balsamic! Earthy organic root vegetables and balsamic vinegar anchor this flavorful allergen free dressing and marinade, while hints of apple and dill keep it fresh. Your spinach salad will be …

Spicy Island

Our tangy twist on a classic dressing is free from allergens including dairy and egg but full of flavor. You’ll savor this creamy blend of tart vinegar, fresh tomato, and smoky spices. …

Tomato Kalamata

Whether your signature salad is made with greens or pasta, this Kalamata olive dressing adds a sophisticated finishing touch. Ripe organic tomatoes, velvety olive oil, and Mediterranean herbs bring robust flavor to …