Maggie Marches for Real Food

I am not a 100% non-GMO consumer. I am not a vegan, or even a vegetarian. I have my fair share of food circumstances in which I am far from perfect. All that put aside, I do value transparency. I do value people. Most importantly, I do value my health.
Hi, my name is Maggie and I’m the Community Relations Manager on the Hilary’s team. I’m the lucky individual who has the opportunity to connect with the amazing supporters of our brand, many of which are supporters of real-food. Last weekend, real-food advocates across the world found themselves at rallies and marches against Monsanto. Finding myself in the New York City area, I decided that this was an opportunity I shouldn’t miss out on. Because Hilary’s Eat Well uses non-GMO ingredients, the sentiment behind this march resonated, so I headed down to Union Square in my Hilary’s shirt, armed with coupons and temporary tattoos.
Upon arrival, I was met with many outspoken and passionate food advocates. Bee costumes, butterflies, large banners, stickers, simple signs, and buttons were all in clear eyesight and the constant cheering of “Hell no GMO” remained a consistent soundtrack that seemed to be set on ‘repeat’. All ages, ethnicities and socioeconomic statuses were represented, and as varying as they were, the collective voice was clear.
To articulate this as simply as possible, these people were angry. And as one sign read, “if you’re not angry, then you’re not paying attention”. I too, was frustrated with the corruption of our food system in our country. So what are we not paying attention to?
Here are some questions to think about:
-GMOs were introduced into our food system without proper testing, and consulting with us “the people”
– If they’re so beneficial, why were they introduced “in secret”? -Should people have the right to know?
-Is Bee colony collapse connected to pesticide use? -Are there health impacts of GMO foods?
-What are the economical impacts, social impacts, and global impacts of GMO crops?
-Are we paying attention to soil health? What about ecosystem health?
-How are GMOs connected to the decline of butterfly, bee, bird and bat populations?
Perhaps I’ve been spoiled by working at Hilary’s. I’ve seen the internal workings of a food company from a completely non-GMO viewpoint. I’ve been surrounded by people who value and take pride in every ingredient we use. I’ve witnessed genuine relationships between the farmers and suppliers that we source our foods from. I hope that the work we do every day here at Hilary’s is inspiring other companies to rethink their food models, and continues to inspire consumers who also find themselves valuing transparency, people and their health.
To learn more about why Hilary’s Chooses No GMO, read this blog post submitted by Hilary Kass.