Karla Shaves for the Brave

At Hilary’s we are pretty big believers that we are all connected. From the way we eat, to the places we go, books we read, and words we share, we are all a part of each others story. Now, we want to share a bit of Karla’s story with you.
Karla Knudson is our fantastic Office Manager as well as “office DJ” here at Hilary’s. We love her for many reasons: her organization skills, her ability to communicate, her helpful support to all departments and also her shining heart.
You see, Karla is a mother to two amazing kids, one of which, Annika, was diagnosed with Burkitt’s lymphoma at the age of 11. Annika fought the cancer and is now enjoying five years of being cancer free.
Each weekday 46 moms will discover that their child has cancer. The funding for children cancer research is slim, at only an estimated four percent of cancer research funds. To help with those efforts, Karla has become an active participant in the St. Baldrick’s Foundation to raise additional funding. The organization sponsors an annual event called 46 Mommas Shave for the Brave in which, you guessed it, 46 moms let go of their hair.
And yes, Karla has gone bald for the cause.
“To me the most powerful and meaningful aspect of 46 Mommas is our diversity. There is no rhyme or reason to whose child is diagnosed with cancer, whose child survives, and whose child dies. Regardless of our individual stories, we stand together as mothers join in solidarity as fierce protectors of our children! As the mother of a survivor, I have chosen to celebrate Annika’s positive outcome by supporting research… in honor of all kids who make the journey, in memory of those kids who have died, and in defense of those yet to be diagnosed.”
Karla has never been more beautiful and the strength that she embodies is clear. Losing those locks offers a simple reminder: step back, take a deep breath and fill your heart with appreciation for the health, friends and family in your life.
We’re proud of you Karla. Keep shining your light.
(Interested in supporting the cause? You can still donate on Karla’s St. Baldricks fundraising page.)