In the Community: Cooking with Just Food

What happens when you give 25 people all the tools and ingredients necessary to cook a fine meal? Lots of fun and good eats! Recently, a couple of us at Hilary’s Eat Well taught a series of five cooking classes at our local food bank, Just Food whose guiding principles are to:
Provide access to nutritious food, a basic human right.
Reduce hunger and promote self-sufficiency.
Respect the dignity of every human being.
Collaborate with community partners to effect change.
Be good stewards of our resources.
We are happy to have provided loving and skillful energy toward promoting self-sufficiency by facilitating hands on cooking. At the end of five sessions everyone had made poached, hard boiled and scrambled eggs, Black Bean Chili with Sweet potatoes, Bean Burritos with Kale and Avocados, Quinoa Pilaf, Black Rice Pudding, Roasted and Boiled Chicken, Creamed Tuna on Toast, Vegetable Sauté with Garbanzo Beans, Curried Lentils, and a Vinaigrette for a simple salad served with Hilary’s Original Veggie Burger.
What can you give? Cash. Through a partnership with wholesale grocers as well as local grocers, food banks can leverage a dollar to purchase at least double the amount of food that can be bought off the shelf (even at sale price!) And rather than getting overloaded with pasta and peanut butter, the food bank can purchase what is most needed at the time.  We are grateful to work for a company like Hilary’s Eat Well that is passionate about quality food, and even more grateful to have an amazing resource like Just Food in our community.  By giving cash or volunteering at your local food bank, more folks can enjoy the infinite benefits of eating healthy food.