Eat Organic, Breathe Easier

Forget, for a moment, that you like organically-grown products because you don’t want to eat foods that were produced using chemicals – fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides. Forget that you don’t like to hear of chemical farm runoff going into our rivers and streams, creating dead zones in the Gulf of Mexico and affecting bird habitats in places like the Salton Sea.
Let’s explore another reason we should support organic farming methods. CO2. According to an article by Timothy J. LaSalle, published online at, conventional chemical farming is a net carbon dioxide emitter. This is due to the amount of fossil fuels needed to produce the chemical fertilizers and other products used in conventional farming.
The article goes on to state that organic farms have a ‘sequestering’ effect on CO2. They actually take CO2 out of the atmosphere and store it. The statistic that is most amazing comes with the assertion that if all currently farmed acreage were to be switched to organic farming techniques, that the CO2 sequestration would be equivalent to removing 216,000,000 vehicles off of the roads.
So the next time you see organic produce, don’t just think about the chemicals you won’t be ingesting. Take a deep breath, and enjoy the air that may just be a bit better in quality due to the produce in front of you.
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