Dietitian Resources

Hilary’s is excited to provide these free nutrition education tools for registered dietitians to utilize when assisting customers and clients who have food allergies, intolerances or sensitivities, are interested in plant‐based eating, or have a desire to eat whole, minimally processed foods.

7‐Day Meal Plan

This sample meal plan can be used by anyone following a vegetarian or gluten‐free diet and is also free of several common allergens. Each day contains delicious ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner, along with two snacks.

Shopping with an Allergy or Intolerance

Shopping with a food allergy, intolerance or sensitivity can be overwhelming, since a food or ingredient can be disguised under another name and difficult to spot. Use this teaching tool to simplify the process and help clients shop safely and confidently!

Protein Fact Sheet

Protein needs can be easily met by consuming a variety of nutrient-rich plant-based foods. This fact sheet includes a sample diet, and a list of protein rich plant based foods to help you start thinking about protein in a new way.

Cooking Demonstration Guide

Looking for a fun, delicious way to educate customers? Use this guide to educate them about the benefits of plant‐based eating and/or provide recipe inspiration for those with a food allergy or sensitivity! Complete with recipe instructions and talking points, this guide saves you time by providing everything you need for a successful cooking demonstration!

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