Dark Chocolate Mint BoBo Balls

A wonderfully luscious whole-food holiday treat that screams indulgence without the guilt. This delicious wintertime treat is free of common food allergens so everyone can enjoy! Special thanks to “Bo”, our company’s first investor, who we named this recipe after.  We love you, “BoBo”!Ingredients:4 cups Coconut(raw, organic, shredded)2 cups Coconut(raw, organic, shredded)1/2 cup Maple Syrup3 tsp Peppermint Extract3 Dark ChocolateBars with MintWe like: Equal Exchange, Theo, AlterEco, ChocoloveInstructions:1. Make coconut butter. Process 4 cups coconut in food processor until very smooth and creamy. Depending on your machine, this can take up to 15 minutes. The coconut may become very liquid – this is okay.2. Once you have very smooth coconut butter, stop the processor and add the 2 additional cups coconut, maple syrup and extract. Process again to mix completely. You are looking for a thick, doughy mixture. If your coconut butter became very liquid, you may need to let the completed mixture cool in the refrigerator for a bit to stiffen up.3. Use a 1 Tbsp cookie scoop to make balls: Fill scoop, press & level, and release onto cookie sheet. Set sheet in refrigerator for at least an hour to harden.4. In a double boiler over med/low heat melt the chocolate bars slowly. You may want to work in batches.5. Drop the coconut balls into the melted chocolate one at a time, rolling quickly to coat completely. Remove and set on parchment/waxed-paper lined baking sheet or a cooling rack. Continue until all balls are coated. Place baking sheet or cooling rack in the refrigerator to fully harden the chocolate.  Store in the refrigerator. May be enjoyed cold or brought to room temperature before serving.