Celebrate Food Day, October 24th

Today, Wednesday, October 24, marks the annual nationwide “Food Day” festival.  Food Day is run by the consumer advocacy organization Center for Science in the Public Interest and brings together diverse organizations around a common theme:  to celebrate and promote more healthy, affordable, and sustainable food.
Whether you’re interested in starting your own vegetable garden or want to learn more about farm policy or are just excited about good wholesome real food, we here at Hilary’s Eat Well think you should check out some of the more than 2000+ events planned nationwide and find events near you at Food Day’s Official Website.
The theme of this year’s Food Day is “The Future of Food:  2050” and the marquee event will take place on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. and discuss what food, food science and food policy will be like in the year 2050.  The event will focus on the political and nutritional implications of the real foods movement, which is a topic that Hilary’s Eat Well holds near and dear.
Samples of the events include:  New York City’s attempt to set the world record for the most people simultaneously eating apples during the Big Apple Crunch; elementary schools and high schools focusing on childhood nutrition, like Ynez Elementary School’s “Fun Fit Food Day” in Monterey Park, California; and James Madison University’s Benefit Concert Three for Hunger to support a local food bank in Harrisonburg, Virginia.
We hope you take some time to check out the Food Day festivities and while you’re at it take a look at the “Do You Eat Real” quiz on Food Day’s website.  Here you can determine your Real Food score to assess how your food choices affect your health as well as the environment and animal welfare.  Then consider adding some Hilary’s Eat Well burgers to your weekly regimen…and we’ll promise we won’t charge more for any bonus points you get.
contributed by Adam Michaelson