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Maintenance Technician

Reports to: Production Facility Manager

Position Summary:
The Maintenance Lead works closely with the Production Facility Manager and VP of Operations to make Hilary’s a state of the art Production Facility that operates at the very top of its capabilities.
The candidate oversees Maintenance and Preventative Maintenance for all Production Equipment.  
The qualified candidate has general handyman expertise and some experience and familiarity in HVAC, carpentry work and must have some mechanical facility.
The responsibilities include trouble shooting equipment and providing preventative maintenance to minimize machine breakdown and production stoppages. Basic knowledge of electrical and mechanical operations is essential for this position.
Strong communication and leadership skills allow the Maintenance Lead to consult and negotiate with contractors as needed, and to support and respond to the needs of the Production Team so they can create the highest quality product. The Maintenance Lead is a trusted member of the Production Leadership Team and can be counted on to demonstrate our Guiding Principles and superior team work.

The requirements and skills needed for this job:
• Knowledge of OSHA and Equipment Safety Standards
• Knowledge of Technical and Mechanical Maintenance for major equipment and mechanical systems.
• Basic Knowledge of Electrical, Plumbing, Basic Carpentry work and HVAC Systems
• Emergency Repair of Equipment and Systems
• Some factory equipment maintenance experience is desirable but not necessary
• Solid Computer and Research Skills
• Basic forklift operation
• Excellent Written and Verbal Communication
• The ability to deal successfully with multiple tasks and high stress situations.

  Maintenance Lead is responsible for the following:
• Assists in the research and purchase of new equipment and systems to advance safe and efficient plant operations.
• Ensures the proper installation, operation, modification and maintainability of new and existing plant equipment and structures.
• Oversees the assembly of all equipment at the start of the work day to ensure safe and efficient operation.
• Demonstrates understanding of electrical and mechanical diagrams, interprets CAD drawings, interprets programming languages and troubleshoots machine problems.
• Uses computer-based technology competently.
• Repairs the common issues of unique production equipment and plans daily maintenance routines that identify needed repairs or maintenance projects.
• Identifies unacceptable performance of equipment by gaining thorough knowledge of the process of production and the products we make.
• Participates in the management of outside contractors and assist or oversees contractor’s work to ensure that safe work practices and standard operating procedures (SOP’s) are followed. 
• Maintains an organized and properly stocked maintenance shop to ensure the highest levels of efficiency, productivity, and cost savings
• Conducts all maintenance and repair work in accordance with Hilary’s Production Food Safety Plan.
• Ensures workplace safety through maintaining all applicable safety rules and requirements.
• Updates a computer based system to track preventive maintenance programs and to schedule preventive maintenance services.
• Creates Standard Operating Procedures and Operation or Maintenance Guides as needed to ensure that Hilary’s maintenance is system driven.
• Develops and maintains strong relationships with Leadership team and Line Leaders and provides great service to these team members.
• Communicates equipment and facility repair status with VP of Operations and Production & Facilities Manager as necessary.
• Assists in training team members in the proper assembly and use of equipment and provides day-to-day floor support for the production team.
• 32-50 hours per week, generally Monday through Friday, daytime hours.
• Weekend and off hours availability, in case of emergencies.
Physical Demands:
• Regularly lifts up to 50 pounds.
The Maintenance Lead:
• Takes pride in work accuracy and organization
• Is responsible and dependable
• Learns quickly and works in a fast-paced environment
• Enjoys giving great service
• Is a consummate team player
• Thrives in a production-oriented environment.
• Regularly assists others with physically demanding tasks

Education and Experience
Technical certification as a Manufacturing Maintenance Tech.  4 years’ experience in a related field performing Technical and Mechanical Maintenance and Repairs demonstrates that the candidate is comfortable performing a wide variety of repairs and interventions.
Application Instructions
Send a resume to or apply in person at 2205 Haskell Ave between the hours of 8am and 4:30pm Monday-Friday.



Production Super Steward

Reports to: Production Facility Manager

Training and Support Team: Production Coordinators & Sanitation Team Leader

Position Summary: The Super Steward’s primary responsibility is to perform all tasks necessary to create a clean, welcoming and sanitary Processing Facility. The Processing Facility includes the Production Room, Back Stock Area and Front Office and Reception Areas. The Crew Member works closely with the Production & Facilities Manager and the Sanitation Crew Leader to learn and follow cleaning and sanitation protocols precisely and consistently. The ideal Crew Member demonstrates a low tolerance for dirt and disorder and appreciates the important role a sanitary, clean and orderly Production Facility plays in keeping food safe. Occasionally, the super steward may be called on to assist the cooks or the packaging team. The Super Steward’s job straddles the world of production and sanitation.

Duties and Responsibilities

• Arrive on time as scheduled for work.
• Once familiar with responsibilities and tasks, work to prioritize tasks and complete tasks in a flow that fits with the production day.
• Present a professional and clean appearance 100% of the time.
• Thoroughly clean assigned work areas and equipment following detailed cleaning and sanitation lists.
• Participate in end of day closing and cleaning routines.
• Assist in keeping receiving and storage areas clean, well -organized and debris free. This includes the dock area, entrance ways and common areas.
• Demonstrate careful and proper handling and storage of all tools, supplies and chemicals.
• Study Chemical Use Guides and mix chemical cleaning and sanitation solutions according to proper dilution rates.
• Learn all safety and sanitation precautions and guidelines and actively demonstrate knowledge of these while cleaning and sanitizing or while moving or handling equipment and chemicals.
• Immediately notify Production & Facilities Manager and Team Leader in case of an accident or if there is a breakdown of equipment or tools anywhere in the facility.
• Recognize and acknowledge errors and potential quality problems.
• Take no careless action, minimizing risk to yourself and others.
• Develop independence and trustworthiness and demonstrate ability to work without supervision, while taking initiative for completing routines efficiently and with great attention to detail.

Successful Candidates will have the following Personal Characteristics:
• Work style consistent with our Guiding Principles.
• A joyful and outgoing personality that creates and builds energy around them.
• Excellent verbal communication skills.
• Passionate about doing great work.
• Comfortable problem solving.
• Willingness to be a life-time learner.
• Able to work easily with diverse people and groups.
• Work to resolve conflicts or challenges quickly.

Essential Requirements:
• Technical Capacity.
• Ethical Conduct.
• Results Driven.
• Accept feedback graciously and follow instructions as directed.
• Communicate concisely, professionally and with respect with all the team.
• Stand on feet for long periods of time.
• Lift up to 50 lbs. and push/pull up to 500 lbs.
• Use equipment safely.
• Demonstrate excellent attendance.

Supervisory Responsibilities
This position has no supervisory responsibilities except to supervise oneself joyfully and within the highest standards.

Physical Demands
May be required to lift up to 60 pounds and move equipment as needed in course of work day.

Qualifications: A willingness to work smart and clean and a demonstrated low tolerance for dirt and disorder. A smart approach to completing work tasks that includes selecting the most important or pressing task, managing time, recognizing who needs a helping hand and communicating challenges or equipment failures. A positive demeanor and a can-do approach to the work day. A genuine commitment to building happiness and becoming a supportive team member.