We Love Our Jobs!

The Hilary's Eat Well team is committed to the company's core values of sustainable connections, transparency, and partnerships; we seek to limit ecological impact and increase community impact.  If you're interested in joining our team, check out our open positions, or email us at jobs@drinkeatwell.com.

Lydia Butler

Chief Financial Officer & President

Numbers are Lydia’s playground and she is over the moon to be playing at Hilary’s.  Lydia earned her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Accounting at University of Kansas.  She has held a variety of corporate finance and treasury roles prior to joining the Hilary’s team.  Lydia is honored to put her skills and experience to work at a certified B Corporation that creates delicious, healthy products made with love by an amazing group of people. 
Interests:  great food, travel, the environment, theatre, and of course, Kansas basketball
Becky Harpstrite

Becky Harpstrite

Vice President of Marketing

A proud Kansas native, Becky grew up in the countryside outside of Wichita. After graduating from the Colorado Institute of Art with a degree in graphic design, Becky moved to Lawrence to study art history at the University of Kansas. Becky and Hilary met in 2007 when Hilary was offering samples of The World's Best Veggie Burgers at KU. Hilary says she will never forget the day their eyes met!  When Becky took the leap and started her own company in 2009, she worked with Hilary to create the Hilary's Eat Well brand.  She then came on board as the VP of Marketing, and the rest is history in the making!  

Greg Easter

Greg Easter

SVP of Sales

Greg holds a B.A. in Marketing from Texas Tech University and spent most of his early life in the family retail clothing business. Sales has always been in Greg’s blood.  He worked as Vice President for two divisions of the largest national natural food broker before jumping to the manufacturing side of the business. Three companies later he landed at Hilary’s and claims to have regained his “soul”.  Greg’s go-to quote rings true - “The fact that Hilary’s is an authentic company that makes great tasting, better-for-you cuisine makes it a joy to come to work every day”.  A retired coach and aspiring gardener Greg spends most of his free time hanging out with his wife and 3 kids.

Latest project: Felling cedar trees from his land and milling them to make furniture.

Brad Russell

Vice President of Operations

Brad brings a wealth of operational super power to the team at Hilary's Eat Well. A graduate of Kansas State University, Brad earned a Bachelor of Business Administration. He's such a busy worker, that he doesn't have much time for fancy and ellaborate website bios. Some of his favorites include bulldogs, online auctions and making smoothies at lunch.

Maggie Gremminger

Community Relations Manager

Maggie has spent the majority of her life living in the great state of Kansas and now resides in New York City. She is often described as energetic and as a genuine optimist. Professionally, Maggie brings to the table marketing experience including social media strategy and prides herself in effective communication. She loves her role at Hilary's because she gets to both engage with consumers and retailers alike online, while strategizing ways to further share this amazing brand.
What do you love right now?  An intense pun (and we're not talking about camping). Sunshine. Cheese. Sitting outside with a good book. Musical theater. Antique malls. NPR. People watching.


Hilary Kass

Innovation & Education

Yep, another Hilary has joined the team bringing with her 25 years of whole foods cooking and public health nutrition education. Hilary Kass, MPH,  keeps her eyes and ears open for up to date news about food and agriculture as we all grow more aware of how food affects the health of our minds, bodies and planet. Grateful for this next chapter in her career at Hilary's Eat Well, she is cooking up new health sustaining creations using the finest ingredients. Stay tuned.

Amy Dorsey

Office Manager

Amy’s gypsy roots had her growing up in such diverse settings as urban New Jersey and Chicago, a cabin by the lake in Minnesota, and a very rural sheep farm in Montana.  Amy recently returned from a 5 year stint in New Zealand, which she adored.  Her degree is in theater from the University of Kansas, but she has spent many years in the health food industry, working for the former Wild Oats, both in Lawrence and in Kansas City.  Amy is also a student at Kanas City’s Core Star Energy Healing School.

What do you love right now?
Star Trek and all things sci-fi, performing on stage, funny people, big laughs, good food, great books, sycamore trees, Minnesotan accents (see “funny people” and “big laughs”), and naps with my cat.

Morgan Starkey

Staff Accountant

Morgan was born and raised in North East Kansas. Morgan earned her Bachelors of Science in Business Administration, majoring in Accounting and Finance from Kansas State University. After college she took a small detour to Nebraska for a job opportunity. It took one short year for Morgan to click her ruby slippers (her choice was bright red cowgirl boots) and make her way home to Kansas! Hilary’s Eat Well was in search of a numbers cruncher and brought Morgan on to join the team. She is excited to work with energetic people that are passionate about their food!


Hobbies: Fishing, Gardening, Baking Yummy Food to share with family :)

Shelby Lemon

Graphic Designer

Shelby loves colors, books, flowers and design. She is from the Overland Park area and is a graduate from the University of Kansas that ecstatically joined the Hilary's marketing team as her first graphic design position out of college. Shelby enjoys traveling and says it is her goal to visit every state and every continent before she dies. In the times between her traveling she can be found at the local farmers market, running or doing yoga, playing her ukulele or spending time with the people she loves most. 


One of her favorite quotes right now is: “You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me." —C.S. Lewis

Marisa Ford

Marisa Ford

Marketing & Media Relations

Marisa is a native Kansan but has always been called by the sea.  She graduated college with degrees in Biology and Marine Biology, and soon moved off to San Diego where she studied population dynamics of wild Bottlenose dolphins.  She later moved back to Kansas to be close to family and thankfully found her way to Lawrence and to Hilary’s Eat Well.  She brings 10 years of experience in natural product sales to the company. Marisa is also currently enrolled in an intensive holistic health coach program and hopes to teach others how to be their happiest and healthiest.

Hilary Brown

Hilary Brown


Hilary is the creative chef behind Hilary's Eat Well creations. She spent a year working as a farm apprentice with the Growing Growers program prior to opening Local Burger®, a first-to-the-market sustainable fast food restaurant in Lawrence, Kansas, in 2005.  Now, she's is hanging ten on the big learning curve of wholesale food business. Digging the challenges as much as the successes and thanking the Universe for the opportunity to work with an energy packed creative team committed to creating a better future for all.

What do you love right now?
Millet, Hemp, Grass-land, Elk, Turmeric, Kim Chi, Trees, Bats, Crows, People, Worms, Dancing, Tipping Points, breathing and hiking with my family at Clinton Lake…just to name a few. :)