Convenience Meets Culinary

Hilary’s is the creator of convenient and culinary foods that are made from real ingredients and are free from common allergens. We are helping to heal the American diet by bringing these foods to all people who seek tasty, nourishing cuisine. Our products forge innovative culinary paths and disrupt the status quo. We care about the health of our customers, employees and ecosystem.

Meet the Team

Lydia Butler - Chief Financial Officer & President | Hillary's

Lydia Butler

Chief Financial Officer & President

Lydia Butler is an experienced financial guru, who combines her passions for clean eating, sustainability and leadership acumen in her role at Hilary’s. A true believer in the positive social and environmental impact food can have on the lives of all individuals, Butler spearheads all business growth, financial accountability, trend forecasting and more for the brand.

Greg Easter - SVP of Sales | Hilary's

Greg Easter

SVP of Sales

Greg holds a B.A. in Marketing from Texas Tech University and spent most of his early life in the family retail clothing business. Sales has always been in Greg’s blood. He worked as Vice President for two divisions of the largest national natural food broker before jumping to the manufacturing side of the business. Three companies later, he landed at Hilary’s and claims to have regained his “soul.”

Hilary Kiass - Research & Product Development | Hilary's

Hilary Kass

Research & Product Development

Hilary brings with her 25 years of whole foods cooking and public health nutrition education. Hilary Kass, MPH, keeps her eyes and ears open for up-to-date news about food and agriculture as we all grow more aware of how food affects the health of our minds, bodies and planet. She is cooking up new health sustaining creations using the finest ingredients. Stay tuned.

Brad Russell - VP of Operations | Hilary's

Brad Russell

VP of Operations

Brad brings a wealth of operational super power to the team at Hilary's Eat Well. A graduate of Kansas State University, Brad earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. He's such a busy worker that he doesn't have much time for fancy and elaborate website bios. Some of his favorite things include bulldogs, online auctions and making smoothies at lunch.

Production Staff | Hilary's | Eating Well Made Easy

Production Staff

Sula Teller - Production & Facilities Manager | Hilary's

Sula Teller

Production & Facilities Manager

People and processes are Sula’s stock in trade. After years of training in behavior analysis and a career as a teacher, she stepped back into her fierce Greek food roots and made a name for herself as a chef, creating and sharing lovely meals for restaurants, cafes and families. As the Production Facilities Manager at Hilary’s, Sula combines her passion for employee development and the highest health and safety practices to lead this dynamic group at what she describes as “the best job, ever.”

Becky Harpstrite - VP of Marketing | Hilary's

Becky Harpstrite

VP of Marketing

A proud Kansas native, Becky grew up in the countryside outside of Wichita. After graduating from the Colorado Institute of Art with a degree in graphic design, Becky moved to Lawrence to study art history at the University of Kansas. When Becky took the leap and started her own company in 2009, she worked with Hilary to create the Hilary's brand. She then came on board as the VP of Marketing, and the rest is history in the making!

Kickball Captains

Maggie Gremminger

Community Relations Manager

Maggie has spent the majority of her life living in the great state of Kansas and now resides in New York City. Maggie brings to the table marketing experience including social media strategy and prides herself in effective communication. She loves her role at Hilary's because she gets to both engage with consumers and retailers alike online, while strategizing ways to further share this amazing brand.

Cheryl Coon

Project Manager

Cheryl is part of all the exciting work going on at Hilary’s from winning the local market to enhancing our reports and databases. She does this with flair, project planning tools and fun excel spreadsheets. Her primary love is travel and having “experiences over material things.” During most of the summer she can be found at the ballpark cheering on her 2015 World Series Champion Kansas City Royals. Cheryl brings a willing attitude and winning spirit to all projects, helping everyone work smarter and more efficiently. But most importantly, she’s one of our best in-house tasters.

Elli Clark - R&D and Quality Assurance Assistant | Hilary's

Ellie Barton

R&D and Quality Assurance Assistant

A Lawrence native, Ellie grew up on a farm in the Wakarusa River Valley. She joined our team first as a production worker, then moved to the Research and Development team. Currently she’s balancing time with us while earning a degree in biotechnology at Johnson County Community College. Her favorite things about working at Hilary's are the special role each employee fills and the care shown to each other.

Cassie Gilmore

Human Resources & Office Manager

Cassie has been branded the Department of People at Hilary’s. As HR and Office Manager, Cassie is our resident cruise director and traffic manager who creates a welcoming atmosphere for our employees and customers. Cassie is a graduate of both the University of Kansas and Baker University. In her free time, she enjoys going to concerts, cheering at her daughter’s soccer games, and volunteering at Girls Rock (don’t ask her to sing though).

Production Staff

Meryl Kass - Tradeshow & Marketing Coordinator | Hilary's

Meryl Kass

Tradeshow & Marketing Coordinator

Originally from Kansas, Meryl ventured to Chicago after high school in search of adventure and pizza. While in Chicago she attended college at DePaul University, where she graduated with a degree in Community Health. She is so happy to be out of the hustle and bustle of the city and back to the sweet community in Lawrence, Kansas. When she’s not coordinating events she can be found at yoga, smothering her nephew with kisses, or drinking a really great but way too expensive cocktail.

Production Staff

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